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About Us
Computer Vignanam is the 1st magazine on technology & computers in the Telugu language.

Founded in 1997, it has captured the hearts and minds of the Telugu community both in the state of Andhra Pradesh and outside.

From its inception, Computer Vignanam never compromised on quality and gave readers the most up to date information and applicative skills.

It is the largest circulated Telugu magazine on Technology.

At COMPUTER VIGNANAM, we have a policy of providing our readers the highest quality of services. Our writing team consists of writers who have 3 outstanding qualities - a deep understanding with respect to their subject, a passion to communicate and enlighten others and a remarkable style of writing.

In our Version 2.0, released in October 2011, we have incorporated 25 power-packed categories and it is a new beginning towards taking the magazine to still higher levels of quality.


Our Vision

Computer Vignanam is a magazine in Telugu that completely redefines what a magazine can be and should be.

When we look at the state of computer knowledge in people, we see that large number of people are only partially informed in computers. There is another segment, mainly in rural areas, where people have almost no knowledge of computers. There is a long way to go before people are empowered in the knowledge of computers.

The reasons are not hard to find. Firstly, computer education has become a costly affair and most people can't afford it. Moreover, the quality of computer training is very poor. Access to computers and training in the rural areas is practically nil.

Yet, a knowledge of computers has become completely essential to survive in the complex modern world. Everybody is expected to have a good working knowledge of computers. A person proficient and skilled in computers is valued highly and it is also seen in the way s/he works practically. S/he is swifter, sharper and more efficient.

Computer Vignanam has come up with a VISION - a vision to enlighten and empower people in large numbers in Computers Computer Vignanam proposes to do this through a revolutionary, efficient and fool-proof system that we called THE MULTI-FORMAT SYSTEM.

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